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About Surviscor

Surviscor is Surviscor Group's flagship company, proving customer experience research and business intelligence for digital financial services. Formed in 2006 by Glenn LaCoste and Peter Boettcher, Surviscor is a North American leader in both banking and self-directed discount brokerage rankings and reviews, providing public guidance on the best and worst digital platforms and customer service firms. Surviscor is well known for its financial service syndicated assessments, including its prominent Online, Mobile and Digital Brokerage scorCards™, Online, Mobile and Digital Banking scorCards™ and its Service Level Monitoring and Benchmarking program.

About Triebwerk

Triebwerk is data delivery platform with a difference. In addition to storing critical data to power your website/app it automatically builds an API for you so you can easily access and manipulate that data to use as you see fit. Triebwerk is a trusted partner for the Surviscor Group and powers many of Surviscor's critical data intensive processes.

About J Consulting

J Consulting Group provides research, surveying, engagement and facilitation expertise to Surviscor Group. Principal consultant Jodi Ball is a certified professional facilitator with over 15 years of experience bringing together a broad range of experiences and viewpoints while facilitating meaningful dialogue to achieve a shared goal. Jodi provides firms with internal and external engaements, engaging with firm executives, project stakeholders and firm customers while incorporating a range of forums including surveys, workshops, forums and open houses, focus groups/un-focused groups and kitchen-table meetings, interviews.


About KyNi

KyNi's president Howard Lee is a financial servcies expert, assisting organizations to resolving key business issues by developing solutions, people and processes to enable sustainable success ultimately leading to increased profit. Known for fostering creative yet pragmatic innovation with teams and organizations that creates, builds and sustains trust and loyalty. Enjoys inspiring team performance by simplifying complex ideas and processes.


About FitzSolutions

FitzSolutions is an automotive consulting company known for its collaborative process that helps automotive dealerships improve ROI through strategic guidance and actionable recommendations. Lead consultant Mark Fitzwilliam has over thirty-three years experience in fixed operations helping dealers review and assess its operational data, personnel, and process. The fluid approach leads to valuable solutions that allow dealers to improve dealership operational workflows, sales, and overall customer retention.