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Our Purpose.
Our Vision.
Our Values.

Surviscor Group provides industry expertise and competitive industry data to aid firms in defining monumental successful business strategies and forecasts.

  • Purpose that provides Value
  • Vision built on Mutual Trust
  • Values that define Behaviour

Our Purpose

Surviscor Group's purpose is to provide cost-efficient, dynamic and informed solutions based upon current, and anticipated, industry conditions.

Our Vision

Surviscor Group's vision reflects who we are and what we want to be by fostering a patrnership collaboration based on trust and common goals.

Our Values

Surviscor Group's values foster relationships based on common interests, accountablity and results that serve both parties.

Firm Savings - Providing Value and Unmatched Benefits

The majority of firms spend a large amount of money performing internal-based research and industry intelligence of competitors and existing clientele by establishing large, and costly, internal departments. A partnership with Surviscor Group results in firm savings and provides more honest and unbiased research.

Decreased Reliance on
Internal Resources

SG provides firms with unbiased subject matter expertise and industry data at a fraction of the cost of expensive internal full-time employee (FTE) departments.

Decreased Time to Market
for Products and Services

Time to market is crucial to development strategy and implementations and delays can result in inefficient product strategy and wasted dollars. SG eliminates a large portion of the research time and costs leading to more timely implementations.

Concise and Unbiased
Industry Intelligence

SG provides firms with detailed and unbiased third party industry best practices and competitive data to better serve a firm's development strategies.

Our group has it all covered

The SUM of Our Parts is Our Strength

A group is a team and a successful team finds a way of bringing all the parts together to create excellence. Surviscor Group brings together a team of subject matter experts and proven cross-industry experience to tackle all engagements in the same concise manner and process.

Our proven process is based on True Analysis with Proven Recommendations not Cookie-Cutter answers

Speak to Stakeholders
and Key Clients

All engagements start with a fact-finding mission to create a clear deliverable for the project by evaluating needs and accumulating necessary information required to form the utlimate solutions.

Current State of
Products and Services

Current state evaluation begins with a complete internal and/or external Environmental Scan to 'set the bar' on the 'now' and provide a base to begin any improvements or new development regarless of the product or the service.

Provide Honest and
Unbiased Feedback

Critique is hard to swallow but necessary for creating change. SG prides itself on being an honest and trusted partner that delivers HARD FACTS that support the new roadmap to success.

Strategic, Targeted

Bringing everything together to provide strategic direction is a skill set derived from years of experience and the SG team has plenty of it, providing short and long-term suggestions based on actual findings, not cookie-cutter solutions.

Surviscor Group Mantra

Customer Experience (CX) DRIVES Customer Loyalty

Surviscor Group provides key insights into a firm's Customer Experience (CX) components by stress-testing the specific areas of the Customer Journey impacting the overall CX.

Customer Experience (CX) is the overall perception of a consumer towards the products and/or services of a firm, not to be mistaken with Customer Service (CS) interactions as it is larger and not always dependent on one factor but many, some not even seen by the consumer.

The KEY elements that define a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE are:

  • Online Experience
  • Mobile Experience
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Vendor Concepts (UI/UX)
  • Operations, Marketing and Communications

Our Partners are Our Reputation

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