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Facilitation and Research Services

Collaborative Engagements to Achieve Strategic Insight

Quantitative and
Qualitative Research

SG provides firms with critical information and data through a full complement of applied research techniques including literature reviews, best and promising practices analysis, needs assessments and statistical analysis.

Survey Design
and Implementation

SG collaborates with firms in designing and developing surveys that achieve desired research goals while managing survey implementations and data analysis to better understand target audiences, preferences, and trends.

Certified and
Strategic Facilitation

SG provides access to a certified facilitator who is professionally trained in process facilitation for groups and organizations in decision making, idea generation, strategic planning, and goal-setting activities.

Stakeholder Engagement

SG engages stakeholders through a range of unique techniques and creative approaches to better understand and respond to current organizational issues and system structures that are getting in they way of achieving client objectives and desired outcomes.

Facilitation and Research Services

Core Engagement Methods - How we get what we need


Gather data, assess needs, gain feedback and collect opinions by phone, mail, in-person and online


One-on-one conversations to gather contextual and strategic insights, perceptions and advice using same methods as surveys.

Unfocus and Focus Groups

A deep dive exploring diverse opinions and insights on issues impacting a range of stakeholders.

Workshops and Design Labs

Interactive, large group forums to work through issues and collectively co-design and co-create solutions.

Open Houses and Pop Ups

Simple and fun interactions with customers, clients, and stakeholders to solicit feedback and viewpoints.

Kitchen Table Meetings

Small, informal conversations to deepen understanding and explore opinions on defined issues.

Facilitation and Research Services

Our Engagement Audiences

Surviscor Group provides both internal and external certified professional facilitation services to key audiences.

Business Leaders

Project Stakeholders