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Empower Clients with Data-Driven Insights

A FLUID and AGILE Approach -
How we meet the Challenge

The general population continues to be more engaged with digital information and transactions either through mobile or online devices, service providers face greater pressures to ensure their product offerings are competitive. The Surviscor Group methodology is independent and data driven and provides valuable insights to the industry and to the respective firms to continue to develop their offerings to the investing public.

Let Our data SUPPORT and DEFINE your FLUID and AGILE roadmaps:

Perform Individual Platform Reviews Using Objective Evaluation Methods

Perform Features and Functionality Stress Tests vs. Industry Inventory

Identify both Industry and Firm Gaps and Opportunities to Address

Perform Competitive Benchmarking Reviews and Provide Strategic Insights

Provide Development Suggestions and Timelines with Actionable Strategic Plans

Provide Subjective Product and Services Commentary based on Objective Results

The process has it all covered

Relationship Overview

Speak to Stakeholders
and Key Clients

All engagements start with a fact-finding mission to create a clear deliverable for the project by evaluating needs and accumulating necessary information required to form the utlimate solutions.

Current State of
Products and Services

Current state evaluation begins with a complete internal and/or external Environmental Scan to 'set the bar' on the 'now' and provide a base to begin any improvements or new development regardless of the product or the service.

Provide Honest and
Un-biased Feedback

Critique is hard to swallow but necessary for creating change. SG prides itself on being an honest and trusted partner that delivers HARD FACTS that support the new roadmap to success.

Strategic, Targeted

Bringing everything together to provide strategic direction is a skill set derived from years of experience and the SG team has plenty of it, providing short and long-term suggestions based on actual findings, not cookie-cutter solutions.

Digital Benchmarking and Strategy

Our Main Deliverables

Industry & Firm

Quantitative Data is at the core of all Surviscor Group reviews and is the key data in establishing comparative standings in an industry. Surviscor Group provides both overall post-review industry debriefs and specific firm ‘quick-snapshots’ of industry rankings and development scores identifying a firm's detailed industry standing and details to enhance the overall customer experience.

Feature & Functionality

Digital functionality requires strong digital features that drives a Customer Experience. Surviscor Group provdes a detailed industry evaluation of available items, the top firms and detailed firm-specific results including rankings, development scores and direction while identifying actionable recommendations for ongoing development.

Gaps and
Opportunities Reviews

An overall Customer Experience is made up of a series of hundreds of individual customer interaction experiences, known as criteria, each with its own individual importance. Surviscor Group provides detailed criteria grids which go in-depth, down to the one-foot design level, into the available functionality providing firms with specific gaps and opportunities and development suggestions for each important customer interaction experience.

Environmental Scans

Surviscor Group provides complete industry scans based on a combined quali-quant approach, benchmarking a firm's overall and specific digital experience components to top industry firms and select competitors. The executive level documents provide fluid and agile strategic product and development roadmaps and include a firm's industry standing, in-depth S.W.O.T. analysis and actionable, targeted recommendations and ongoing development guidance.

Adding Value to the Information Highway

Complimentary vs.
Alternative Information

Surviscor boasts its own identity and proven methodology with a focus on overall Customer Experience (CX) analysis and benchmarking along with overall Business Intelligence. By working with Surviscor Group, firms will have access to low-level detailed information that can be utilized by its teams to develop or supplement product roadmaps and ensure targeted product levels are attained.

The Surviscor Group Difference

Helping firms adopt a mindset fit for TODAY and
TOMORROW's digital landscape
  • DEPTH of DATA Analysis
  • 1-stop CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Evaluations
  • ALL FIRMS in PLAY - Not "Pay to Play"
A Valued Reprting and Consulting Partner

Get specific

In addition to SG’s array of Surviscor scorCards™ reviews reporting options, SG offers other alternative reporting and consulting engagements that allow firms to take advantage of Surviscor’s extensive industry knowledge and digital customer experience knowledge.

SG's alternative reporting options have no boundaries and enable firms to engage SG as part of its yearly development and strategic thinking process, often validating and/or defining the firm's operational and development initiatives.

SG Alternative Reporting options:

Usability Appraisals

SG provides a qualitative-based “user experience” assessment that critiques and measures the overall client experience, including usability, messaging, language, appearance to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations.

Prototype Evaluations

SG provides development guidance at all junctures of the product or service life-cycle by reviewing design and functionality concepts prior to launch, identifying best practice solutions and acting as a liaison between business leaders, development teams and vendors.

Pricing Analysis

SG provides one-foot detailed evaluations of a firm's cost of services and rates, identifying price, fees or rate anomalies that exist in comparison to industry peers or general industry trends resulting in recommendations to close gaps or exploit opportunities.

DIY scorCards

Many firms question public-facing rankings due to methodology and weightings. SG, through Surviscor, provides the ability to 're-run’ any of its public facing results using firm-defined weightings to help validate internal strategy or industry standing, removing internal Subjectivity and Emotion.

DIY Audits

SG enables firms to re-run any of Surviscor's reviews to either Validate the impact of new functionality being launched or to thoroughly assess any of the new or enhanced features of a product or service compared to the current competitive landscape.

Positioning Analysis

SG uses the latest Surviscor reviews to identify key performance metrics to attain agreed-upon internal firm goals providing detailed and specific recommendations for achieving the desired goals, i.e. becoming a top 5 firm or a category leader, dominance or competitiveness.

Surviscor Group Mantra

Customer Experience (CX) DRIVES Customer Loyalty

Surviscor Group provides key insights into a firm's Customer Experience (CX) components by stress-testing the specific areas of the Customer Journey impacting the overall CX.

Customer Experience (CX) is the overall perception of a consumer towards the products and/or services of a firm, not to be mistaken with Customer Service (CS) interactions as it is larger and not always dependent on one factor but many, some not even seen by the consumer.

The KEY elements that define a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE are:

  • Online Experience
  • Mobile Experience
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Vendor Concepts (UI/UX)
  • Operations, Marketing and Communications

"Remember your competitor is only a mouse click away"

Doug Warner