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Collaborate for Success

ENABLING Excellence through Experience

Trust is the cornerstone of successful relationships and consulting collaborations are no different. Surviscor Group prides itself on being a trusted and experienced partner providing solutions that enable success.

Our main competencies ares:

Prototype Reviews
and Evaluations

SG provides firms with subject matter expertise during RFP vendor selections, design development and pre-launch phase of digital product and services implementations.

Project Manager and
Business Liaison

SG provides project management support through managing the overall process or serving as a critical business liason between business and IT heads as well as outside vendors.

Operations Reviews and
Process Engineering

SG provides unbiased internal reviews of operations areas, focusing on existing workflows and process, to provide operational changes and workflow design suggestions.

Industry Reviews and
Competitive Benchmarking

SG's flagship brand, Surviscor, is a leader in financial services' digital reviews providing a proven and tested methodology process template for SG to implement across all types of businesses.

Leadership Mentoring and
Executive Support

SG's team of experts has countless years of senior executive, senior management and customer level experience, along with entrepreneurial experience, to offer today's new business leaders and executives.

Product and Services
Roadmaps Development

SG provides firms with initial launch evaluation and designs, ongoing support and mature product and service reviews that support an exisiting product and/or services roadmap or aid in the development of a new one.

Helping Firms DEFINE and ACHIEVE their Priorities

Put Vision into Action

Start your projects with a proven business intelligence consulting group focused on the WHOLE picture

Decreased Reliance on
Internal Resources

SG provides firms with unbiased subject matter expertise and industry data at a fraction of the cost of expensive internal full-time employee (FTE) departments.

Decreased Time to Market
for Products and Services

Time to market is crucial to development strategy and implementations and delays can result in inefficient product strategy and wasted dollars. SG eliminates a large portion of the research time and costs leading to more timely implementations.

Concise and Unbiased
Industry Intelligence

SG provides firms with detailed and unbiased third party industry best practices and competitive data to better serve a firm's development strategies.

Surviscor Group Mantra

Customer Experience (CX) DRIVES Customer Loyalty

Surviscor Group provides key insights into a firm's Customer Experience (CX) components by stress-testing the specific areas of the Customer Journey impacting the overall CX.

Customer Experience (CX) is the overall perception of a consumer towards the products and/or services of a firm, not to be mistaken with Customer Service (CS) interactions as it is larger and not always dependent on one factor but many, some not even seen by the consumer.

The KEY elements that define a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE are:

  • Online Experience
  • Mobile Experience
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Vendor Concepts (UI/UX)
  • Operations, Marketing and Communications