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July 2020

The Sustainability of $0 Commissions in Canada. Are we lagging the US?

BNN Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman and Glenn LaCoste discuss the sustainability of $0 commissions in Canada and why novice investors should be careful.

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April 2020

Don't blame COVID-19 for Poor Service.
It's been Poor for the Last Decade.

It has been long thought that the Financial Services’ industry was one of the key benchmarks of customer service excellence and innovation. The new landscape of customer service in Canada and demonstrates the harsh reality that retail consumers are clearly receiving inferior service while being pushed back to traditional face-to-face cross-selling, ‘share of wallet’ interactions, by the financial services industry.

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November 2019

The Race to Zero Commissions
- Will Canada follow the US?

BNN Bloomberg's Greg Bonnell and Surviscor's Glenn LaCoste discuss how U.S.-based Charles Schwab's decision to reduce retail commissions to $0 should not affect Canadians in the near future

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August 2019

The State of ONLINE Banking
Brokerage Services in Canada

BNN Bloomberg's Greg Bonnell and Surviscor's Glenn LaCoste discuss which Canadian banking firms are offering the best online banking experience and how Canadian's should ensure they choose the best banking alternative.

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