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The Investor - Experience and Journey

Digital Strategy & Experience Expertise

Surviscor Group provides brokerage firms with strategic guidance and industry intelligence through a deep-down industry benchmarking analysis of its digital offerings while focusing on ways to improve the overall customer journey and experience.

Customer Interaction Expertise

We provide brokerage firms with industry service level monitoring and benchmarking services through Surviscor Inc.

Marketing and Exposure

We provide brokerage firms with brand marketing and digital exposure services through an array of Surviscor Group digital properties.

Consulting, Research & Business Intelligence

Our industry experts provide brokerage firms with actionable and targeted consulting and research services to compliment firm strategies and executive direction.



# of Reviewed Firms

The Surviscor Group experts and companies have been providing self-directed discount brokerage services for over 20 years through multiple brands and consulting engagements. The focus has mainly targeted the overall Investor journey or experience.



# of Bank-owned firms

SG monitors and analyses bank-owned self-directed discount brokerage firms weekly through digital platform, customer service and cost of services monitoring.



# of Independents

SG differentiates itself by providing industry analysis and comparison of the non-bank owned firms providing brokerage services to the average Investor with weekly monitoring and analysing digital platform, service and cost of services.



# of Projects

SG prides itself on its strategic and actionable reporting and project partnerships over the past 20 years which has helped create, and continue to influence, the current digital self-directed brokerage landscape through industry accountability and the growth of investor and trader expectations.

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