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Partner with a proven business intelligence consulting group

Our Expertise - Focus on the WHOLE picture

Digital Benchmarking
and Strategy

SG provides detailed information to develop or supplement digital product roadmaps and valuable industry insights to support development strategy.

Service Level Monitoring
and Benchmarking

SG provides firms with an EMPOWERMENT program allowing firms to effectively monitor both internal and external service metrics to perfect service interactions.

Digital Design and
Marketing Services

SG provides large firms with digital platform design recommendations and brand exposure and smaller firms with digital presence development.

Collaborative Consulting and
Executive Mentoring

SG's team of experts provide countless years of operational, strategic and executive experience to firms based on its current needs and strategic direction.

API Data Management
and Support Services

SG's exclusive data management system allows firms to access all mission critical data from anywhere and using any standard device.

Facilitation and
Research Services

SG provides research and surveying collaborations, along with certified facilitation expertise, for both internal and external engagements.

Improve the Customer Journey and Digital Experience

Surviscor Group partners with firms as a Subject Matter Expert to assess both its internal and external digital environments while providing current and future guidance to enhance the overall customer journey experience.


Development Strategy

SG provides both development direction and strategic guidance specific to a firm's needs and release cycles.


Industry Benchmarking

SG provides in-depth competitor and industry benchmarking to effectively create and monitor a firm's digital strategy.


Design and Marketing

SG provides firms with design and marketing advice to help maximize the overall digital customer experience.

Brand Awareness and Marketing

Use the SG Network
to Tell Your Story



Internet Sessions

The number's don't lie! Over 225,000 online visitors have taken advantage of Surviscor Group's unbiased research, to learn and make informed decisions about the best and the worst digital service providers.



Content Views

Surviscor Group provides targeted content for both industry and independent firms, providing opportunities to enhance brands or advertise where consumers are clearly looking.

Service Level Monitoring and Assessment

Enabling firms to Exceed Customer Expectations

SG provides all types of firms with day-to-day analysis of its important customer service interactions. To be the best, a firm needs to undertand and think like the best. SG empowers senior and operational executives to achieve Customer Service dominance while ensuring marketing returns and efforts are being maximized.

  • Monitor individual interactions
  • Compare expectations to industry peers
  • Provide valuable 'quality' feedback

A Trusted and Empowering Partner

Partner with a proven business intelligence consulting group focused on the WHOLE picture